The Only Dead Ends Are The Roads You Haven’t Paved Yet -Mr Jackson

Sixty Forty Enterprises is the brainchild of DC native , locally and nationally known artist and amateur fighter Muggsy Malone. A full service multimedia and outsourcing platform kept in house between trustworthy and proven honest parties ranging from his service in the military to the public sector. If you need editing done, we got you. If you need music for your next film. Its here. Help with promotion for your projects?? Got your six, or your back if you don’t know what that means. If you’re looking for a feature for your song or even music from Mr. Jackson himself, look no further.

If you’re a veteran facing a crisis, please as Mr. Jackson himself has experienced trauma in the field, please call the Veteran Suicide Hotline or email us a info@sixtyforty.net. We will not hesitate to reach back out and speak to anyone who is in trouble or turmoil and can provide a list of resources in your city that can help you in this time where everyone needs a helping hand.

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